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Praca: Java Developer with Frontend

Working from home or at the Wrocław / Gdańsk office
Java Developer with Frontend
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Software Developer at Objectivity works as a member of our Agile team alongside with a Technical Architect, Quality Engineers, Business Analyst and a Project Manager in order to deliver fit–for–purpose solutions to our clients. Each and every team adapts its ways of working accordingly to a specific client and project.


We believe in engineers who specialize in one field but, at the same time, have broad knowledge of technology as a whole in order to be ready to deliver both back–end and front–end code. Also it is important to us to find an engineer who is in the DevOps culture with automation as the first priority. Close collaboration and direct communication with other team members and the client is an important part of our delivery process. You can be sure that your voice will be heard.


If you believe that quality is the responsibility of the whole team, that means you have some commercial and delivery awareness, and if SOLID principles are your bread and butter, then you will be more than happy to work with us.


Our frameworks & tools:

Spring Boot
React/Angular, TypeScript on the front-end.
Postgres, MySQL, AWS Aurora/RDS as relational databases.
MongoDB, CouchBase, Amazon DynamoDB as key/value and document databases.
Spring Data and Hibernate as the most common JPA provider.
Jenkins or Azure DevOps to setup CI/CD.
RabbitMQ, Amazon SNS/SQS to integrate services.
Git as a source control.
AWS as a hosting platform.


Must-have tech stack: Java 8/11, Spring Framework, React/Angular, TypeScript, AWS, RESTful Web Services.


Nice-to-have tech stack: Docker, any relational Database.


Must-have skills:
Ability to communicate in Polish and English.
Attention to detail.
Problem solving mindset.

Our projects:
  • We optimised lab workflows by creating laboratory management systems that helps with keeping track of data associated with samples, experiments and instruments.
  • We developed The Competency Framework for UK market that allows the visualization of skills distribution in selected geographical areas and supports the decision-making process required for the efficient allocation of training budgets.
  • We work with a leading German company in the area of data quality. We created conversion engine, named the #1 Site Search Solution. It is all-in-one solution: search, mechanising, personalization in one application.
  • We helped to create a sophisticated digital platform to accelerate the charity’s employment work supporting people with disabilities in their access to employment globally.
Your role:
  • Following the clean code standards for programming and providing a high-quality software.
  • Communicating and building a relationship with customers.
  • Participating in the process of analysis, design, implementation and testing of new functionalities.
  • Working collaboratively as part of a team with respect to Agile methodology.
Why it is worth joining us:
  • We have over 35 Technical and Solution Architects and even more Senior Developers that are more than willing to share their knowledge through articles on our blog, pair programming, active online communities (AWS, Azure .NET, Java, Frontend), lightning talks and many more.Your preference is of great importance to us! During the interview, we would love to find out within what field you would like to work and what technological skills you would like to further develop. The project is picked for you, not the opposite.
  • Our priority is to create long-lasting relationships with our clients who we carefully select based on their corporate culture. Thanks to a wide variety of projects you have the opportunity to become an expert in any given field all within working with one client. This allows you to never get bored with your day-to-day work.
  • Cooperation with foreign clients (80% of customers from the British market and 20% from Germany) gives us a great opportunity to use English on a daily basis and interact with different cultures.

… Even if we do not get to start our cooperation, you are certain to receive extensive feedback including both business and technical aspects. We believe it is one of the most valuable development tools.

To find out more:
About Objectivity

Objectivity is a values-driven IT outsourcing partner. We are Digital Transformation Specialists who create Win-Win solutions for all our stakeholders. Our specialty is designing, delivering and supporting IT solutions that help our clients grow. As a mature organisation, we have an ethical framework that supports our activities. We are socially engaged, and always willing to help.


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